you've never known the likes of piracy a girl can do

23 August
"Like Merlin, only cuter" - scarcrest

"As a note, you are one of the cutest zombies I've ever met" - wildelven

"Sexy, smart, and a good luck charm." - kazama

"There's a few folks I know might be called a Kaylee, in the best sense of the world. She's one of the Kaylee-est. Seeing the best in every situation, fixing what needs to be fixed with what seems to be little effort. Not afraid to get dirty when it's called for, but shiny even when she's a little bit smudged by the world. There's a special place for her to make art at Serenity 2.0 already. Finest kind, my fairy friend." - bodhifox
90's alternative, abney park, acrylic paint, adoption, aeronautical acquisition and redistribution, aimee mann, alyson hannigan, amanda fucking palmer, amber benson, ani difranco, anita blake, anthony stewart head, art therapy, battlestar galactica, bettie page, bi-curious, bluegrass, boobies, bookstores, browncoat, buffy the vampire slayer, bust, calico cats, carpe noctem, charles de lint, childfree, chunky monkey, classic rock, cooking, corsets, costuming, courtney love, crafty stuff, crowgirls, cuddle parties, cyberpunk, dachshunds, dancing, dark chocolate, dark fantasy, dave mckean, drawing, drunken baking, eddie izzard, enfp, equinox theatre, fairies, fairy tales, firefly, fishnet stockings, flirting, folk music, francesca lia block, getting dirty, girls, glasses, godless heathens, grateful dead, greyhound rescue, guinness, hana maru, harlan ellison, hello kitty, hiking, hirshhorn museum, horror movies, hugs, humanism, ivanova/winters, japan, jill thompson, la vie boheme, led zeppelin, liberal, librarian fetish, lingerie, lisa snellings-clark, live music, lorraine a'malena, m.a.c., magazine collage, magic hat, mirrormask, mix cds, mixed media, modern art, monty python, motorcycles, mr.seal, museums, natural cosmetics, neil gaiman, nightmare before christmas, nightmare vermont, organic beauty, origami, painting, pembroke welsh corgis, perky goth, photography, pink guitars, poppets, poppy z. brite, pottery, pro-choice, psicorps, psychology, punk, rainn, rasputina, rayguns, red wine, redheads, repo! the genetic opera, running, sandman, scotland, seals, serenity, snuggling, soul food, southern gothic, sparkly things, stargate, steampunk, sushi, tarot cards, tattoos, tennessee, the endless, tigerlilies, tim burton, twin peaks, unitarian universalism, urban fantasy, ut martin, velvet chain, vermont, vintage clothing, yellow dog democrat, zombies